Advanced SQL Planner Offers Data Analysis Intelligence to Embedded Devices

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ITTIA, the leader in modern database software for embedded systems and smart devices, today announced the availability of a new SQL planner to significantly ease data analysis and management for developers of intelligent device applications. ITTIA provides an SQL planner in its database engine, an exciting method of embedded device data analysis, to calculate critical data statistics efficiently with cost-based optimization. This allows applications to utilize complex queries and make precise decisions.
ITTIA is driving the embedded data management arena by providing support for a broad range of SQL queries to express complicated joins, grouping, and query expressions. The advantages of embedding an advanced SQL planner in an application include high performance, reduced memory overhead, and greater concurrency through row-level locking.
ITTIA's advanced SQL planner offers cost-based optimization that utilizes indexes most effectively. This allows applications to use more sophisticated queries and make accurate decisions. The SQL planner is an important embedded data management tool for devices to gain intelligence in machine-to-machine (M2M) frameworks that produce Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystems. These devices gain the ability to analyze data and determine when objects must be replaced, repaired, or recalled.
In addition, by embedding the SQL planner in embedded systems and intelligent mobile devices, manufacturers reduce the overall development time and are able to enter their products into the market much sooner, while lowering costs. Developers are able to accelerate SQL query execution and reduce the time to access data. The SQL planner provides a smart query optimizer that determines the most efficient way to execute a given query by considering possible query plans.
ITTIA DB SQL is a cross-platform leading-edge embedded database for Android, Linux, Windows, QNX, ThreadX, VxWorks, Nucleus, and generic ARM targets without an operating system.

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