Internet of Things Demands ITTIA DB SQL Data Management Software

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ITTIA, a leader in modern database software for the Internet of Things (IoT), shares its recent success in addressing customer demand for machine-to-machine (M2M) data management with new features and proven technology. ITTIA DB SQL has continuously demonstrated its value to manufacturers building state-of-the-art M2M devices that must store, connect, and analyze embedded data. Devices manufactured with ITTIA DB SQL make smart decisions with low overhead.

ITTIA DB SQL is a promising technology for business-to-business sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, health care, and medical devices, that accumulate, manage and transmit massive dynamic data. For example, an ITTIA customer has deployed solar power inverters embedded with ITTIA DB SQL that store gigabytes of data on a single ARM device to record activities and communicate information to other systems. These inverters continuously collect data that is shared over the Internet and used to adjust settings based on historical trends. A web-based management interface displays this information through charts and graphs.

Another ITTIA customer is replacing the old milk production processes with new robotic systems. Cow Master is an embedded system that uses robots to manage cow health care, automatically matching feeding patterns and continuously managing feed concentration to stimulate the appetite of cows. Integrated software collects data on the quantity of milk produced by each cow on a daily basis and other statistics related to health and behavior. These robotic systems are programmed to deliver a specific amount of nutrition to a designated feeding area, encouraging cows to eat a healthier diet.

In working with these IoT products, ITTIA has recognized a clear demand for standard SQL interfaces to facilitate interoperability and rapid development. The advanced ITTIA DB SQL query optimizer helps developers to write efficient SQL queries by automatically choosing an efficient execution plan for embedded devices, considering both time and memory complexity. This approach ensures that indexes are used effectively so that access time does not depend on the amount of data stored in the database. Application developers can join many tables with complex filter criteria and achieve consistent performance as data grows over the life of an embedded device. Other optimization techniques require proprietary SQL syntax and limit the expressiveness of the language, while ITTIA DB SQL follows standards that are essential for portable embedded applications.

ITTIA delivers a comprehensive data management platform for M2M communication on the Internet of Things, making it possible to not only collect useful information anywhere at any time, but also to distill that information and act accordingly. With multiple easy-to-use APIs to choose from, application developers can efficiently store data on flash/disk, in memory, and on the cloud through replication with various back-end RDBMS products. ITTIA's M2M database solution is reliable, secure and efficient for building the applications of tomorrow.

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