New version of Icon-o-Matic and Zinzala SDK released.

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Vancouver, Canada - September 24, 2004

Today hexaZen announced the release of preview version 0.7 of Zinzala, hexaZen's C++ SDK for QNX. Zinzala is a sophisticated C++ tool for enhancing and optimizing software development on QNX RTOS.For more information about Zinzala, check out

hexaZen also announced the release of Icon-o-Matic, version 0.5 for x86. Icon-o-Matic is an icon editor built with the Zinzala SDK. A complete source code is available.

For more information about Icon-o-Matic, check out

About hexaZen:

hexaZen is dedicated to delivering tools, components, and libraries to C++ developers for the QNX Real-Time operating systems. It also offers web site design and development as well as custom software engineering.

hexaZen's main offering is Zinzala. Zinzala is a complete C++ software development kit which takes full advantage of the QNX RTOS.

hexaZen is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. More about hexaZen can be found at