QNX Awarded Patent for Innovation in Distributed Computing

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OTTAWA, August 31, 2004 - Setting a new standard for innovation in embedded computing, QNX Software Systems Ltd. today announced it has been awarded a patent for its distributed processing architecture, a critical element of the QNX® Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS).Co-invented by Peter van der Veen, operating system architect, and Dan Dodge, CEO of QNX Software Systems, the technology covered under the new patent can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of embedded computing systems.

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on QNX technology to power mission- and life-critical applications where system failure is not an option. Applications taking advantage of the extreme reliability and performance of the QNX RTOS include the CRS-1 core router from Cisco Systems; automotive-grade infotainment devices from Audi, Acura and DaimlerChrysler; and many precision-demanding medical instruments and devices.

"As embedded devices become more intelligent, multiprocessor architectures are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. At QNX, we anticipated this trend, which is why we became the first RTOS vendor to support transparent distributed processing," said Dodge. "As the patent attests, we are still the only vendor in our market to offer such advanced technology. This gives QNX customers the unique ability to create low-cost, highly scalable, fault-tolerant designs - from multi-core CPUs to massive Internet routers that harness the power of hundreds of processors."

Transparent Access
In a conventional network, embedded devices are like so many silos, with little or no ability to leverage one another's resources - a situation that can lead to costly replication of peripherals, memory, and protocol stacks on each device. But with QNX's patented distributed kernel technology, applications on any device can transparently access the hardware and software resources of any other connected device, without extra programming.

"Applications don't have to do anything special to leverage the power of QNX Neutrino's distributed processing," said QNX's van der Veen. "In fact, virtually any remote resource such as a network connection, graphics display, or flash memory can be accessed as if it were running on the local CPU."

Besides eliminating unnecessary hardware, the location transparency provided by QNX's distributed kernel technology makes fault-resilient, load-balancing systems much easier to design and build. As a result, developers today can create systems that scale seamlessly on demand. In addition, when a new device is plugged into a network, applications on existing devices can automatically discover and access the new system's resources, without having to be recoded or redesigned.

More about the QNX Neutrino RTOS
Renowned for its extreme reliability in mission- and life-critical applications, the QNX Neutrino microkernel provides a field-proven, modular architecture optimized for carrier-class availability, scalability, and dynamic service upgrades. QNX Neutrino cleanly separates components such as drivers, protocol stacks, file systems, and applications from each other and from the microkernel itself, enabling system upgrades and software hotswaps on the fly - without costly downtime or service interruptions. Full memory protection enables fault isolation and maximum reliability.

About QNX Software Systems
QNX Software Systems is the industry leader in realtime, microkernel OS technology. The inherent reliability, scalable architecture, and proven performance of the QNX Neutrino RTOS make it the most trusted foundation for future-ready applications in the networking, automotive, medical, military, and industrial automation markets. Companies worldwide like Cisco, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, and General Electric depend on QNX technology for their mission- and life-critical applications. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, QNX Software Systems maintains offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and distributes its products in more than 100 countries worldwide. Visit http://www.qnx.com.

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