mikmod-decoder 0.2 for QNX 6

Submitted by phearbear on

The mikmod-decoder 0.2 is a plugin for the 6.2.1B+ MultiMedia Framework which adds support for decoding many module types. You can download binary and source packages at QNX Plugins@Sourceforge. Any application that uses the MultiMedia framework should be able to playback supported audiofiles after you install this utility. The ones that is tested is 'mmplay' (included in a 6.2.1B install) respective 'killerAudio' availible from Killerstuff.net
More specificiallly mikmod-decoder 0.2 supports:
Composer 669 (.669)
DMP Advanced Module Format (.amf)
DSIK internal format (.dsm)
Farandole (.FAR)
Generic DigiMusic (.GDM)
Imago Orpheus (.IMF)
Impulse Tracker (.IT)
15instrument MOD (.m15?) + Ultimate Sound Tracker
Amiga MED (.MED)
Generic MOD (Protracker,Startracker,Fasttracker etc) (.MOD)
Oktalyzer (.OKT)
Screamtracker (.S3M)
Screamtracker 2 (.STM)
STMIK 0.2 (.STX)
Ultratracker (.ULT)
UNIMOD (libmikmod and APlayer internal format)
Fasttracker (.XM)


Version 0.2
- Stability fixes
- Added a hack so we support RateStream, with a unmodified libmikmod!
- Added several Resources (Comments,Author and Title)

Version 0.1
- Initial release