Managing the Complexities of Multimedia in Automotive Systems

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As people spend more time on the road, they increasingly want to outfit their vehicles with high-quality information, navigation, and entertainment systems. Unfortunately the complexities of supporting in-car multimedia can be overwhelming.This session explores the in-car infotainment market. Learn about today's feature requirements and tomorrow's challenges - digital rights management, device management, changing HMI requirements. Finally, get a first-hand look at the new QNX Multimedia Suite - and how it can be used to deliver key differentiators to vehicle manufactures.

Making the Switch to Multi-core Processing

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Applications today require more and more processing performance within existing system power budgets. Fortunately for developers, the dual-core MPC8641D and and now the MPC8572E processors available from Freescale provides many options for increasing and optimizing application performance without dramatically increasing power consumption.There is one problem: most embedded engineers today are only familiar with single core processor programming.

Improve Embedded System Stability and Performance through Memory Analysis Tools

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Embedded systems are becoming more and more complex; memory must now be carefully managed for performance and long-term stability. This web seminar examines memory analysis tools and how they can be used to observe system behavior over time and improve software and system quality. Learn how to reduce your time to market by detecting hard-to-find and debug errors, how to optimize memory performance, and how to detect and fix common memory errors.
Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Time: 13:00 EST
Duration: 1 hour

C/C++ interpreter Ch 5.5, and Embedded Ch 5.5 Released

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Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, and embedded scripting.
This new release added Embedded Ch function callback features, more C99 features, and powerful new plotting capabilities such as smooth surface mesh etc. Ch Professional Edition is now ported for QNX.

DAVIS, California, October 16, 2005 - SoftIntegration, Inc. today
announced the availability of Ch 5.5 and Embedded Ch 5.5. Ch is an
embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting,