Chris McKillop Leaves QNX Software Systems

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Chris McKillop (a.k.a cdm) left QNX Software Systems (QSS) last Friday and is going to Apple. He will be working in the newly formed Consumer Electronics division. He promised to keep supporting the QNX community in his own time, and continue on his killer* apps as well as the eqip project. Of course, he will be using the Non Commercial (NC) release that most of us are using :)

More Vunerabilities found in QNX

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Adding to the vunerabilities reported here, more have been discovered and posted by Julio due to a no response after rfdslabs' contact to QNX.SUMMARY

" ; QNX Software Systems has provided OS
technology, development tools, and professional services to companies
building mission-critical embedded systems. Since 1980 manufacturers have
relied on QNX OS technology to power their missioncritical applications -

QNX Awarded Patent for Innovation in Distributed Computing

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OTTAWA, August 31, 2004 - Setting a new standard for innovation in embedded computing, QNX Software Systems Ltd. today announced it has been awarded a patent for its distributed processing architecture, a critical element of the QNX® Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS).Co-invented by Peter van der Veen, operating system architect, and Dan Dodge, CEO of QNX Software Systems, the technology covered under the new patent can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of embedded computing systems.