Synchronize VxWorks Data with Enterprise Databases Through ITTIA DB Sync

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Embedded systems, including mobile devices, now face great demand for data distribution capabilities to interoperate with other systems. In its latest move, ITTIA has announced a new release that provides data distribution features for applications developed with ITTIA DB SQL on WindRiver’s VxWorks -- the industry’s leading embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) -- and enterprise databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

ITTIA DB SQL and IAR Embedded Workbench(R) Make Embedded Development Smarter

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ITTIA DB SQL is now available for IAR Embedded Workbench(R) and allows developers of embedded system and device applications to benefit from a complete leading-edge relational embedded database and comprehensive embedded workbench tools, empowering them with flexibility and ease of use.

ITTIA DB SQL Data Distribution Bridges QNX(R) with SQL Server

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ITTIA announces the availability of ITTIA DB SQL data distribution features for the QNX(R) Neutrino(R) Realtime Operating System (RTOS). These new features, which build upon the existing IITIA DB SQL product for QNX(R), empower embedded software developers to share and communicate data stored in ITTIA DB SQL on the QNX(R) Neutrino(R) RTOS with a back-end Microsoft(R) SQL Server database.

ITTIA DB SQL Anticipates Needs of Innovative Industrial Automation Systems

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Today's industrial automation systems are advancing at an unprecedented pace, and systems designed nowadays in this field require innovative database software to efficiently and safely manage valuable data stored on embedded devices. ITTIA has predicted and recognized the evolution of these systems, and has included in ITTIA DB SQL those vital features needed to support these special-purpose applications.

Build Secure Applications with ITTIA DB SQL

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Developers of mission-critical applications and business intelligence solutions can experience critical safety vulnerabilities if malicious systems on the network or malware applications intercept access to confidential data. These faults can be caused by lack of security for data management and data distribution.

Synchronize Android Embedded Data with Microsoft(R) SQL Server

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Android application developers of intelligent devices, embedded systems and mobile devices are now able to share and communicate data stored in ITTIA DB SQL with a back-end Microsoft(R) SQL Server with just a few mouse clicks. This feature is made possible by ITTIA DB Sync, and allows developers not only to distribute mobile and embedded data between Android devices and Microsoft(R) SQL Server, but also to benefit from the replication environment necessary for improvement of data availability, reliability, modularity, mobility and interoperability.

The Synchronization Advantage

Data Synchronization in Android Applications for Tablets With Back-End RDBMS

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Whether an application developed on Android is meant for use in tablets, embedded systems or mobile devices, many seek data synchronization capabilities with back-end enterprise databases. In particular, many companies are looking for ways to leverage tablet computers for greater workforce mobility while maintaining a secure, reliable connection to the corporate data center. Developers can avoid this limitation by synchronizing the back-end database, whether Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, or something else, with an ITTIA DB SQL database for Android device applications.

European Utility Principal Conges Selects ITTIA DB SQL for Tablets and Mobile Devices

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ITTIA, a global leader in data management software, announces the successful establishment of cooperation with Conges Consulting. Conges selects ITTIA DB SQL for its flagship asset management platform, MenVadis, which offers utility companies a secure, scalable solution with excellent performance. With the selection of ITTIA DB SQL, Conges now supplies a cost-effective, low maintenance platform that is more reliable than ever before.

Effective Solution for Secure Software Distribution

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Real Time Logic is pleased to announce BarracudaDrive 4.6 with the new File Mailer component. BarracudaDrive is a consumer product developed by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK.

If you are in an industry that requires regular distribution of important information, you probably have found that there are many problems associated with secure distribution of sensitive data. The File Mailer is a product that makes it easy and secure to distribute confidential data of any size to any number of contacts via regular email.