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Logs tracing information

Note: This manager requires the instrumented kernel.

Note: You must be root to run this manager.


tracelogger [-b num] [-d] [-f file] [-n num] [-vw]

Runs on:

This manager runs on x86, PPC, SH-4, ARM, and MIPS processors.


-b num
The number of trace buffers. The default is 32.
Run in daemon mode (full control with partial tracelogger support).
-f file
The full pathname of the event file that will be used to store logged events. The default is /dev/shmem/tracebuffer.
-n num
The number of logged iterations to perform (0 stands for an infinite number). The default number is 32. One iteration is complete when one trace buffer is full.
Display detailed information on the console screen.
Set the emitting mode to wide. There are two emitting modes:
fast (default)
Log only the most important two kernel call arguments and two return values.
Log all kernel call arguments and all return values.


The tracelogger utility logs the requested number of iterations, then terminates. It may be started using:

Full tracelogger support (limited control)
Instrumentation with full tracelogger support is the simplest way to obtain the tracing information. In this case, the tracelogger performs all initialization and run-time control of the instrumentation module in addition to its normal task of saving the trace buffers to the file system.
Partial tracelogger support (daemon mode, full control)
Instrumentation with partial tracelogger support is the most flexible way of controlling the instrumentation process. However, it requires the largest amount of user support during initialization. In this case, the tracelogger does not perform any initialization of the instrumentation module and its almost exclusive task is to log the "received" trace events to the file system.

Note: Refer to the instrumented kernel docs for more detailed information.


Start tracelogger in wide emitting mode and display operational information on the console screen; store the logged data in the named file and stop logging when 12 trace buffers are full.

#tracelogger -f /dev/shmem/my_tracebuffer -n 12 -vw

Exit status:

An error occurred.


Severe errors cause tracelogger to terminate; non-catastrophic errors are displayed in verbose mode (if the -v option is set).


Run only one instance of tracelogger at a time.

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