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Play audio files


qnxplayer [options]


-s filename
Start qnxplayer with the skin indicated by filename.
-u [url]
Start only if a qnxplayer isn't already running. You can specify an optional url in the form of "file://" or "http://" which qnxplayer loads, or if another is running, this file is sent to the existing qnxplayer.


The qnxplayer utility is an audio player based on the multimedia library. It has the following features:


qnxplayer with playlist example

Click the icon in the upper left hand corner of the qnxplayer window to view menus for the utility.

You can use the following commands:

Playlist and display commands

Command Menu Keyboard
Toggle the Playlist Playlist Editor Ctrl-E
Toggle between displaying elapsed time and time remaining Options-Time elapsed, Options-Time remaining Ctrl-T
Keep qnxplayer always on top Options-Always On Top Ctrl-A
View qnxplayer at double size Options-Double Size Ctrl-D
Toggle playlist repeat Options-Repeat R
Toggle random shuffle of the playlist Options-Shuffle S
Set the http proxy to access files through a firewall Options-Http Proxy
Set the CD Digital Audio (CDDA) buffer size Options-Cdda

Playback commands:

Command Menu Keyboard
Play a file Play-File L
Play a location Play-Location Ctrl-L
Play previous track Playback-Previous Z
Play current track Playback-Play X
Pause playback Playback-Pause C
Stop playback Playback-Stop V
Play next track Playback-Next B
Stop after the current track Playback-Stop after current Ctrl-V
Move back 5 seconds Playback-Back 5 seconds Left
Move forward 5 seconds Playback-Forward 5 seconds Right
Start playing first item in playlist Playback-Start of list Ctrl-Z

Skins commands:

Command Menu
Browse available skins Options-Skins-Browse
Select the default skin Options-Skins-Browse-Base Skin
Find more skins (requires internet access) Options-Skins-Get more skins!

In some skins, the qnxplayer interface has shortcuts for commonly used commands:

qnxplayer menu

qnxplayer shortcuts

The shortcuts are:

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