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Provide service support to remote IDE components


qconn [port=portnum]

Runs on:

All supported platforms.


Select a different port to bind the daemon to. The default is 8000. If you aren't logged in as root when you start qconn, it can't bind to a restricted port number.
Set the priority at which qconn runs. The default is 24.
Set the priority at which children are run. The default is 10.


The qconn daemon is a service provider that provides support, such as profiling system information, to remote IDE components. Output is based on the services invoked and is fed to the requesting IDE component on a remote target.

Note: If you aren't logged in as root when you start qconn, it can't start resource manager components.

The functionality comes from the service modules that are currently bound directly into the executable.

Note: Currently, if you want to use the debugger, you must have pdebug installed on your system in the search path used when qconn is launched. You may also have pdebug in /usr/bin.


Supporting files are required, depending on the service being used. For example, the memory analysis service requires libmalloc.so installed in the user's path.

See also:

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