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Photon Window Manager options


pwmopts [-s server] [-x position] [-y position]


-s server_name
The name of the Photon server:
If server_name is: This server is used:
node_path node_path/dev/photon
fullpath fullpath
relative_path /dev/relative_path
-x position[%][r]
The x coordinate of the upper-left corner of the window, in pixels, or as a percentage of screen width if % is specified. If r is specified, the coordinate is relative to the current console.
-y position[%][r]
The y coordinate of the upper-left corner of the window, in pixels, or as a percentage of screen height if % is specified. If r is specified, the coordinate is relative to the current console.


The pwmopts command displays a dialog for setting options that apply to the Photon Window Manager (PWM).

You'll see these buttons at the bottom of the window:

Quit the options configuration program without saving any changes. You can also cancel by closing the window from the menu or by pressing the Esc key.
Apply changes and save them to the configuration file. This is useful to test the behavior of a user interface against a variety of operating paradigms without the need for saving and relaunching the configuration window.
Save any modified options. This writes the options to the user configuration file ~/.ph/wm/wm.cfg, and instructs PWM to reconfigure itself to the new options. The pwmopts program also terminates.

These options apply to windows:

Window options

Active, Inactive, and Title colors
These buttons bring up a color-selection dialog that lets you customize the color of the window frame when active and inactive, and the color of the title text.

Within the color selection dialog, you can select a color by:

A sample of the selected color is displayed at the top of the dialog. To accept the new color, click the OK button.

You can also select the frame and title colors from this menu of preset color schemes.
Title Alignment
Your choice in the radio buttons specifies the alignment of the window title within the window frame.
Full Window Dragging option
If enabled, windows are continuously redrawn as they are dragged/moved around the screen. If disabled, only an outline of the window frame is dragged and the window is redrawn at its final position. This is useful for slow video cards or when running over a slow phrelay link.
Cursor Focus option
If enabled, focus is given to the window under the cursor. If disabled, focus remains with the current focus window regardless of the cursor location. The focus window is the one that receives all keystrokes.
Click To Front option
If enabled, a click in any part of the window brings it to the front. If disabled, clicking in the title bar only brings a window to the front.
Multi-Monitor Placement option
If enabled, this affects whether PWM considers the desktop to span only the first graphics region (monitor) or all graphics regions comprising the input group. This affects the placement of the shelf, as well as the dimensions used when maximizing windows.

These options apply to the background of your display:

Background options

Background Color buttons
These buttons let you choose the primary and secondary background colors. They're used if PDM isn't displaying a background image. You can choose a color as described for the window options, above.
If you're not displaying a background image, you can choose a pattern from this list. The pattern is displayed using the current background colors.
Use image from
The directory in which to look for background images. You can type a path in the text field, or click on the button beside it to look for a directory.
The name of the background image, which you can choose from a list of images in the current image directory.
If the image doesn't fill the screen, you can choose where it goes. You can also decide whether to tile or stretch the image to fill the screen.


The file in which your window-manager options are stored.

See also:

phrelay, pwm, savercfg

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