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Play an audio CD


playAudioCd [-i] [-p plugin] [-v] mount_point


Interactive mode. If you specify this option, the application creates a user-input thread that accepts commands such as, play, pause, and stop.
-p plugin
Load the specified plugin. The plugins include:
Be verbose. If you specify this option, the application reports on the state of the plugin, playlist information, and error messages.
An existing CDROM mount point.


The playAudioCd utility plays an audio CD.

The supported hotkeys are:

Go to the specified track.
b or B
Go to the previous track.
n or N
Go to the next track.
p or P
Play or pause the selection.
q or Q
Exit the application.
s or S
Stop the selection.

Note: You must press Enter after the hotkey.


Run using the CDROM drive mounted at /fs/cd0:

playAudioCd /fs/cd0

See also:

phplay, playaudio

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