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Display regions used on a Photon server


phview [-h height] [-m f|s|t] [-N server] [-S i|m|n]
        [-s server] [-w width] [-x x_pos] [-y y_pos]


-h height
Set initial height of window to height pixels.
-m f|s|t
Initial display view (f - front, s - side, t - top).
-N server
Server node to query.
-S i|m|n
Specify initial window state (i - iconify, m - maximize, n - normal).
-s server
Specify server node or device name.
-w width
Set initial width of window to width pixels.
-x x_pos
Initial x_pos position of window.
-y y_pos
Initial y_pos position of window.


The phview utility displays a front, top, or side view of the regions used on a given Photon server. Each of the main region types (e.g. windows) is displayed in a different color. In the top or side view, click on a region to identify it.

To learn more about regions, refer to the Photon Programmer's Guide.


Run phview at initial position (10,10) with initial dimension of 200*300.

phview -x10 -y10 -h200 -w300

Run phview using the Photon server on the computer known as remote_server on your network:

phview -s remote_server


phview -s remote_server/dev/photon

See also:

Photon Programmer's Guide.

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