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Convert .phs output for PostScript


phs-to-ps [-D debug_fname] [-d] [-E] [-F]
          [-L] [-l1] [-od] [-p start[,end]] [-pr]
          [-U filename] [-V]


-D debug_fname
Send debug information to the specified file.
Delete the input file after processing.
Create an encapsulated PostScript file.
Specify a fontmap (font substitution table) file. If not set, the utility uses the default Photon fontmap file /usr/photon/font_repository/fontmap.
Enable landscape mode.
("el one") Postscript Level 1 (default: PostScript Level 2 which supports color).
Append Ctrl-D to the end of the job.
-p start[,end]
Specify the starting (and optionally ending) page number to print. If start is greater than end, the pages are printed in reverse order.
Print the entire file in reverse order.
-U filename
Delete this file when the print job is completed.
Be verbose (-VV: be more verbose).
Name of a Photon draw-stream (*.phs) file.


This utility converts Photon draw-stream (.phs) output into PostScript. The configuration file for PostScript printers, /etc/printers/ps.cfg, specifies phs-to-ps as a filter for spooler to use.

The output is sent to stdout. Typically this is redirected to a printer device, as shown in the example.


phs-to-ps file.phs >/dev/par

See also:

phs-to-bjc, phs-to-bmp, phs-to-escp2, phs-to-ijs, phs-to-pcl, spooler

"Printing with spooler" in the Printing chapter of the Neutrino User's Guide

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