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PCI support for the Motorola Yellowknife evaluation board (PowerPC)


pci-yellowknife [-b buses] [-v] 

Runs on:

Motorola Yellowknife evaluation board (PowerPC)


-b buses
The number of PCI buses to scan. The default is 10.
-v verbosity
Display detailed information on the console screen.


The pci-yellowknife server provides PCI support for the Motorola Yellowknife evaluation board. You'll have to provide it in your boot image for systems with a PCI Motorola Yellowknife evaluation board.

This server creates the /dev/pci device. Wait for it to appear by specifying the following in the buildfile used by mkifs:

waitfor /dev/pci

See also:

pci_attach(), pci_attach_device(), pci_detach(), pci_detach_device(), pci_find_class(), pci_find_device(), pci_present(), pci_read_config(), pci_read_config8(), pci_read_config16(), pci_read_config32(), pci_write_config(), pci_write_config8(), pci_write_config16(), pci_write_config32() in the Library Reference

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