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PCI support for the MTX60x (ATX) and MCP750 (compact PCI) Motorola boards


pci-raven [-b buses] [-v]

Runs on:

Motorola MTX60x (ATX) and MCP750 (compact PCI) boards


-b buses
The number of PCI buses to scan. The default is 10.
-v verbosity
Display detailed information on the console screen.


The pci-raven server provides PCI support for MTX60x (ATX) and MCP750 (compact PCI) Motorola boards. You'll have to provide it in your boot image for systems with PCI MTX60x (ATX) and MCP750 (compact PCI) Motorola boards.

This server creates the /dev/pci device. Wait for it to appear by specifying the following in the buildfile used by mkifs:

waitfor /dev/pci

See also:

startup-mcp750, startup-mtx600

pci_attach(), pci_attach_device(), pci_detach(), pci_detach_device(), pci_find_class(), pci_find_device(), pci_present(), pci_read_config(), pci_read_config8(), pci_read_config16(), pci_read_config32(), pci_write_config(), pci_write_config8(), pci_write_config16(), pci_write_config32() in the Library Reference

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