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Package filesystem (QNX Neutrino)

Note: You must be root to start this manager.


fs-pkg [-a alternate_file] [-d] [-v[v]...]
       [-f config_file]


-a alternate_file
Provide an alternative configuration file to use if no other configurations are available.
Don't automatically become a daemon. This option is useful when you want verbose output for debugging.
-f config_file
Read the configuration from the file, config_file. If you don't specify this option, fs-pkg looks in:
Verbose output; more v characters cause more verbosity. The output is sent to the system log if syslogd is running, and to standard output if fs-pkg is running in the foreground.


The package filesystem is a virtual filesystem manager that presents to a client a customized view of a set of files and directories. The real files are present on some medium, and the package filesystem presents a virtual view of selected files to the client.


/etc/host_cfg/hostname/etc/system/packages, /etc/system/packages
Default configuration files.

See also:

cl-installer, pkgctl, qnxinstall, syslogd

"Package filesystem" in the Working With Filesystems chapter of the User's Guide

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