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sample examples of QNXPhAB project

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sample examples of QNXPhAB project

Postby amarnath » Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:35 am

hi all,

i am very new to QNX

QNX v6.3.2
IDE v4.0.1

now i am trying to create QNX PhAB project
i am able to create as mentioned in the USER Guide
But i am not able to build i am getting errors
i,e., no such files /src/abLfiles and src/abWfiles in

my QNXPhAB project(IDE) not having this /src sub Director.

more over i am not able to Access PhAB window
means not able to open File, Edit ,project,Build ,.... Tabs

one of reply what i got to BUild is in PhAB window i need to do
Build--->Generate UI but how i do that no access to that tab?

will any default project will be created in QNXPhAB project when we create a QNX PhAB project(IDE)? as in QNXC++ project(w'll get one
"Welcome to the Momentics IDE" project).

if u know any samall programms like writtiing "HELLO WORLD " in the window or addind a TAB to the window please let me know.

please help me...

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