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Re: creating a bootable qnx 6.6 image

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:26 pm
by ClaudeHasler
UPDATE: success!

i remade the partition as a qnx6 filesystem with -b to make it bootable. copying ifs-x86-generic.bin into the ./boot directory on my qnx6 partition now works!

Thanks alot for the support guys

One last issue: im trying to ping the qnx PC from my developmet PC.

using ifconfig I see a wm0 and a wm1 with ips and .11 respectively. both are enabled = 0.
plugging an ethernet cable into the pc shows one with media:Ethernet autoselect(blabla) the other with media: Ethernet none. Im assuming this means it recognizes at least one of the network cards?

when i ping from my PC with IP i dont receive a response and also when pinging from my QNX machine to my PC's IP i dont get a response. Any reason why this is? I checked /dev and i dont see io-net anywhere. Does this mean I'm missing drivers for my ethernet cards?¨

EDIT: the two PCs are connected over a switch.

EDIT2: I tried the following:

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io-pkt-v6- -de1000 & waitfor /dev/socket

still no success

Re: creating a bootable qnx 6.6 image

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:56 pm
by Tim
io-pkt replaced io-net in QNX 6.5 and later.

This is your start call

io-pkt-v6-hc -de1000 &

Assuming you have a de1000 type Ethernet card in your PC then I'd suggest adding the -ptcpip option to the driver to tell it you want to do TCPIP protocol (supposed to do this by default but I don't trust that).

I will assume you can ping the loop back address (

What else does ifconfig report?

You might want to run Wireshark on your PC and see what network traffic there is when you try pinging to your QNX machine.