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QNX 6.6 for VMWare error no gpu support

PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:26 pm
by chip8xvn
Hi all !
I'm a newbie.Today, i learn about QNX and want to run a Qt5 OpenGL program on it.
I have taken the following steps :
- Step 1 : I installed qnx-sdp-6.6, qnx-sdk-for-apps-and-media and qt-5.3.1 (QNX) on windows host.Then i installed patch-660-3875-660-Graphics-GA with applypatch command.
- Step 2 : I used QNX SDP 6.6 runtime ISO for VMWare.Links download here : ... amid=26217 .I installed with many options : Guest operating systems : Other.Version : Other.Memory : 2GB.Hard Disk (IDE) : 20GB.
- Step 3 : I copied the files to VMWare guided in link :
- Step 4 : power on QNX on VMWare then i login with root by command :
login root
then export environment path
export GRAPHICS_ROOT=/usr/lib/graphics/vmware
And i echo $GRAPHICS_ROOT, result /usr/lib/graphics/vmware
And i echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, result usr/lib:/lib:/lib/dll:/usr/lib/graphics/vmware
- Step 5 : i power off my virutal machine and i enable 3D graphics on VMWare settings -> Display but i have warning 3D accelerations is not supported in this guest operating system.
- Step 6 : i power on my virtual machine and run commands :
i found a error here : libEGL warning : no gpu support.I found a fix : "It's likely that the "Accelerate 3D Graphics" setting was not selected" but i did enable in step 5.Anyone can help me fix it ? Thanks for helping me.I'm sorry for my bad english.

I tried deploy Qt5 library to my virtual machine by Deploy Qt tools.Then i created Qt Widget project and build it with QNX Kits :
- Complier : C:\qnx660\host\win32\x86\usr\bin\qcc.exe
- Debuggers : C:\qnx660\host\win32\x86\usr\bin\ntox86-gdb.exe
- Qt Versions : Qt 5.3.1-x86 with QNX SDP C:\qnx660
Then i copied file program to my QNX virtual machine and run it.Error : memory fault (core dumped).Can anyone guide me how to deploy Qt5 for QNX VMware ?

Re: QNX 6.6 for VMWare error no gpu support

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:25 pm
by Tim
See this link for enabling 3D acceleration in a VMWare image ... tml#VMWARE

You appear to have done Steps 1-3. Likely you need to copy all the files in Steps 4-5.