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Re: Creating bootable usb offline approach

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:19 am
by siowlim
Hi Tim

There are a few version of Vivobook S550CM. The one I own is ... 830.0.html. Processor i5-3371 is of Ivy-bridge( 3rd generation ) which QNX says it supports in x86-generic BSP.

Would you elaborate the booting process without BIOS, please? Did you mean not to include the startup-bios binary into the system image?

Help me to understand this please. Upon power-up BIOS of PC would be invoked to init and set the peripherals, RAM etc. With that QNX IPL is then read form USB (in our case) and place it in RAM, and then control transfer to the IPL. The IPL then reads the IFS onto RAM and and transfer control to IFS. IFS consists of boot file and script. From the screen shot, the IPL was working fine, and reading the IFS, the control is then transferred to boot file which fails at the moment. However, we could not know if the IFS itself or the boot-file is failing.

Re: Creating bootable usb offline approach

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:06 pm
by siowlim
I have removed 4GB RAM and left 4GB in the Notebook computer. Re-ran QNX from the USBStick. However, the outcome is still the same. Tried with another USBStick, similar outcome. Unfortunately, my Eval key has expired. Hence can't compile the code now.

I have found that the integrated graphic card RAM can be configure from 64M - 512MB. However, I don't really know where those memory locations are mapped onto RAM. Does anyone know ?