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QNX 6.5.0 Touchscreen Zytronic

Postby nudels » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:06 am

Hello everybody,

i need some help :)
i have an Embedded System with a Zytronic Touchscreen.
the mainboard is connected to a controller board (which is connected with the Zytronic Touchscreen) through a LVDS cabel.
And the Monitor gots the signal through VGA.
(i hope someone ist understanding me :D )

when i try to start the driver ("devi-zytronic zytronic fd -d/dev/ser1"), then first i become a message like this:
"Error: no such file odr directory - cannot open calibration file for absolute fiter module (/etc/system/config/calib.localost)"

The first question i have: how can i detect the port, which the Toucscreen use? I don't think its the serial1.

Now i create an the file "calib.localhost" in /etc/system/config and starts the driver with "devi-zytronic zytronic fd -d/dev/ser1".
No Errormessage, but its still not working :/
The second question: What do i wrong?
can somebody give me a hint how can i make the touchscreen to work?

thanks for answers :)

i've solved the Problem.
i starts the "devi-hid touch abs -a3" driver and "calib -d1024,768" and calibrate the screen and now ist working :)
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