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i810 driver-crosspost from help forum

Postby jy » Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:43 am

I replaced the motherboard on an Audio Request ARQ1 music server that was having audio issues. The system is running QNX 4.25 on an intel i810 chipset motherboard. The original motherboard was a AZZA PT810-DTC. The replacement is an AZZA PT810-DM. The chipsets are identical.

For some reason the VGA output is not working properly. I keep getting 'out of range' error on my monitor. The TV-out was recognized and is functioning properly, so it would seem that the graphics are working properly, just not through the 'VGA out'

The settings in sysinit.node for the mode switcher are: -i0x03 -r -cnone -nnone

crt.node is: -i0x112 -r;Pg.i810 -HC0x00000008 -PX -HNqnx/crt -g640x480x24 -A0xD0000000,0x100000 -WB1920

I've tried switching to graphics mode from photon (qnx4/graphics/drivers/ -i0x12 -cnone -nnone) and starting a standard driver (Pg.vga4 -g640x480x4 -A0xA0000,0x10000 -WB80 &) as well as trying the intel Pg.810 driver.

Any suggestions, opinions?

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RE: i810 driver-crosspost from help forum

Postby panda » Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:44 pm

Please use crttrap trap to get a new crt.$NODE (of course after moving the old one away).
Afterwards you should have some entries for the Pg.810 in the crt.$NODE.
Move the line with the resolution you want to the most upper line and start Photon afterwards.
If you have a problem with the frequency you can set (AFAIK) the "-R" flag for the Pg.810 to adjust the refresh rate.
The Intel810 is working with the newest Photon updates on all boards I have seen.
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