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Recomended Hardware

Postby Michael Nunan » Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:06 pm


We are just starting a (hopefully) quick development project. We are adding
a new control system into a large existing system. It will connect to the
rest of the system over a TCP/IP socket connection.

We plan to use QNX on redundant rack mounted PC's - we have no need for
blazing speed, reliability is most important.

The question is - does anyone have a suggestion for a rackmount PC
(preferable 1U or 2U) that is fully compatible with QNX Neutrino. We started
developing on a Dell (non rackmount) and had trouble with the SATA hard

We are looking for 3 machines - Main - Standby, and Development/Lab.


Michael Nunan
Michael Nunan

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