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UART0 control in Total5200

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UART0 control in Total5200

Postby sh_erif » Wed May 10, 2006 6:04 pm

I have a Total5200. I used to control it through UART0 (control port) using HyperTerminal which suddenly ceased to work.

Instead of it showing startup sequence and such things it just doesn't show anything. Unfortiantly I don't have the network configuration linked to, so I can't do it from the ethernet too.

I tried to swith to the dBug mode but it doesn't send anything to the hyperterminal too. I tried using phindows but no luck with that either.

Any ideas guys?

Can I use the console (running on UART3) to control my system? Is there like a jumper or some hardware move that can get my control port running again?
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