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Qnx, java applet, apache

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Qnx, java applet, apache

Postby David Porta » Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:48 am


My Qnx Neutrino system is configured as a web server using apache (version
1.3.27). I want to send an applet to a windows web client with the typical
html code:
<APPLET archive="mysqlclient.jar" code="Appdbclient.class" width=200
witch is working fine, locally in the windows machine. As far as I know, I
don't need to install any java components in my Qnx system, just apache
should send the java file to my windows system. Is that correct?

yes, I can access to this file from a browser with the address

Is this supported Qnx+Apache supporting this feature?
Any experience with Qnx&java?


David Porta

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