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io-graphics driver not showing device in /dev

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io-graphics driver not showing device in /dev

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 15, 2005 6:36 pm

I am working on QNX4 on Power PC platform. I was trying to start
io-graphics in my target board which uses a coral chip from Fujitsu(It
is a PCI device). The driver is starting and it is attaching to the PCI
device saying "attached to /dev/io-graphics/coral0 with id=0". But when
I go to /dev/io-graphics/coral0, I could find that the folder is empty.
Shouldn't a device be created in this folder? How do I know that the
graphics driver is running properly? The graphics driver is initializing
the registers of the Fujitsu chip properly(according to that specified
in coral.conf). I was suspicious since a device is not being created in
the /dev/io-graphics/coral0 folder. I had also started Photon and phfont
before starting the io-graphics driver. Kindly tell me why the device is
not listed in the /dev and how I can get the device.

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