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erlang port available

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erlang port available

Postby BJ Chippindale » Mon Feb 02, 2004 12:37 am


Without putting a lot more effort into this than we have time for, this
is a reasonably complete ( we did not figure out how to do HIPE yet )
port of erlang to qnx. We have compiled and run YAWS under it, the java
interface is functional. The target machine was intel x86 (2.6 GHz
with 512 MB Ram and the compiles STILL take a long time).

The port is posted in the upload directory, as

Notes in the tarball should explain the bulk of the issues addressed.
Work was done on many of the config and make files generated to persuade
the system to build. The developer who worked this issue is a bit
bashful, but brilliant. We are not "supporting" this port in any
commercial sense. Mail addressed to me may be answered but the answer
may consist of "wait", because we have work that customers actually pay
us to do (not a bad thing actually :-).

BJ Chippindale

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