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What is the meaning of _NTO_INTR_SPARE at the startup_intrin

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What is the meaning of _NTO_INTR_SPARE at the startup_intrin

Postby Pusik Park » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:48 am


My 32-bit ARM9 RISC SoC has just 1 interrupt controller with 29 interrupt

If I understood the cascaded vector's meaning well, I doesn't need cascaded

Is it right ?

const static struct startup_intrinfo intrs[] = {


32, //
number of vectors

cascade vector

0, //
CPU vector base

0, //
CPU vector stride

0, //

{ INTR_GENFLAG_LOAD_SYSPAGE, 0, &interrupt_id_jaguar2

INTR_GENFLAG_LOAD_INTRMASK, 0, &interrupt_eoi_jaguar2 },

&interrupt_mask_jaguar2, // mask callout

&interrupt_unmask_jaguar2, // unmask callout

0, // config


The upper source code is my startup_intrinfo but I think its source code has
the problem.

I think that there is some proper value for a cascade vector instead of

Actually, I didn't understand the meaning of the cascade vector.

Please help me.

Best regards.

Pusik Park

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