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QNX debugging by TRACE32 - Can't look at all symbols of proc

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QNX debugging by TRACE32 - Can't look at all symbols of proc

Postby Pusik Park » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:13 am

Dear Everyone.

I'm debugging my BSP by TRACE32.

I built bsp-xxxxx.ifs and procnto-instr.sym.

I loaded bsp-xxxxx.ifs by TRACE32's Data.Load.Binary command at the SDRAM
memory region (0x10800000), which I set up as the System
Build/Property/General/System/Image Address.


I performed like the below

Data.LOAD.Binary C:\QNX632\ide4-workspace\bsp-jaguar\Images\bsp-jaguar.ifs
A:0x10800000 //verify

if data.long(&DNLD_ADDR)!=0x00ff7eeb


print "Wrong QNX image magic!"



Register.Set PC data.long(&DNLD_ADDR+0x0c) ; startuphdr.startup_vaddr

C:\QNX632\ide4-workspace\bsp-jaguar\Images\startup-jaguar2eval.sym /nocode

Data.Load.Elf C:\QNX632\ide4-workspace\bsp-jaguar\Images\procnto-instr.sym
/nocode /noclear

I go my QNX and stop at any point.

I could check the startup-xxxxx2eval's symbols by TRACE32's symbol.browser.

I could look at Symbols, Variables, Functions, and Modules by

However, I could NOT look at the procnto-instr's all symbols.

I could see Global symbols and Global variables(os_version_string and
timestamp), but could NOT see any Global Functions.

How can I obtain the procnto or procnto-instr with whole Function symbols ?

My BSP went to "__hardcrash".

I looked at the below data at the window of TRACE32's Var.Frame.








---> exception


This looks like the call stack.

What's the problem ?

Please give a comment.

Additionally, I also set up the parameters below examples.


Create Image? Yes

Remove File Time Stamps No

Image Name bsp-xxxxx

CPU Type armlet

Page Align Image No

Image Mount Point N/A

Default Target Location /proc/boot

Compressed No compression

Boot script bsp-xxxxx.bsh


Default permissions 777

Default User ID 0

Default Group ID 0


Auto Link Shared Libs Yes

Create startup sym file Yes

Create proc sym file Yes

Procnto procnto-instr

Procnto Arguments -vvv

Procnto $PATH :/proc/boot:/bin:/usr/bin

Procnto $LD_LIBRARY_PATH :/proc/boot:/lib:/usr/lib

Use APS No


Startup Arguments -vvv

Boot File binary

Image Address 0x10800000

RAM Address Default

Combine N/A
Pusik Park

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