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A data gather program without resource manager

Isn't the name clear?

RE: A data gather program without resource manager

Postby mario » Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:08 pm

Depending on the device you might have to use MAP_NOX64K, bit it's rather unlikely if it's a modern PCIU card.

You description is a bit confusing to me so lets get over what I think you should do.

If the device has IO, map them with mmap_device_io() and use the return value for the in and out functions. If the device has memory mapped registers, map them with mmap_device_mem(). It's possible the device has both IO and memory mapped sections.

If the device does DMA then you must allocated DMA'able memory with mmap ( as you described in the previous post). Then you must use the physical address returned by mmap/mem_offset and inform the device of this address. The way this is done is device dependant. Can be done with in/out or with memory mapped registers.
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