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Open Source Version of Qt

Isn't the name clear?

Re: Open Source Version of Qt

Postby ingraham » Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:53 pm

The death (or at least de-emphasis) of self-hosted development saddens me for two reasons. First, this was the only thing that TRULY separated QNX from its RTOS competitors. Given the lack of clear direction QNX has had over the last few years, losing this fundamental differentiation can't be a good thing. Second is a broader concept. With RIM's push in to the commercial space for QNX / BB10, I had hoped we might see a platform give us the functionality of compiling on our mobile devices. Not that I want to develop much beyond "Hello, world" on my phone, but the ability to natively compile apps or machine-generated code on the fly would be a great feature, especially for a business-oriented platform like BlackBerry. But it looks like we're going the other way, instead.

Incidentally, I've long felt that Photon was a nice GUI, with a pretty decent API. The fact that Photon Application Builder was available in like 1996 is pretty impressive; form-based RAD design was pretty new at that point. Still, I suppose it's a bit long in the tooth, and binding to languages other than C could be handy and and object approach would make sense. Qt (and perhaps KDE) could provide a pretty impressive replacement, and give QNX access to a wide array of FLOSS apps. However, this purgatory of "Qt is here but not supported, Photon is supported but we may abandon it any moment" is not a pleasant position to be in.

Anybody know how GUI development works on BB10?

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Re: Open Source Version of Qt

Postby maschoen » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:03 pm

No surprise here, but I'm with you all the way on this.

What have I seen on the Blackberry?

1) Flash, which I'm told is being depricated or at least de-emphasized.
2) OpenGL ES, fine for games and graphics
3) HTML5
4) The Native interface. I don't know much about this. I started trying to get "Hello World" to work and never got past the security. I wasn't hacking, I was following directions. I needed to download a "debug token" which I was never able to do. After many hours of frustration along with unhelpful suggestions from tech support, I gave up.

All these avenues are done cross development. I was using Eclipse under Windows.

As practical matter, developing for BB10 seems as far from programing on a QNX development system as IOS would be. You run apps in a sandbox just like IOS and the programming environment is unfamiliar.
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