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QNX kernel segmentation fault

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QNX kernel segmentation fault

Postby ALewis » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:22 am

Hi all

I’m using QNX Momentics 6.4.1, QNX Neutrino 6.4.0 BSP for the AMCC PPC440 EP/GR (bsp-nto640-amcc-ppc440ep_gr-evk-trunk) in our custom PPC440EP board (with a few changes) and the procnto-booke micro-kernel. The bootloader is u-boot-2009.11.

Qnx(6.4.1) runs on our board well but before loading any application, qconn crashes after a while with following error message: (Specially when I use Memory Information perspective in QNX Momentics IDE)

Process 4103 (qconn) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=fe32a078( mapaddr=0002a078. ref=91078038

When I run ( pidin –fM) I have following error :
# pidin -fM
Process 20489 (pidin) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=fe3620dc( mapaddr=000620dc. ref=00000000
Memory fault

1.In Yosemite BSP init_mmu () function wasn’t implemented, Do we need to define it, (Our Memory map is very close to Yosemite)?

2.Do you have any suggestion about a debugging start point?

Thank you in advance.
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RE: QNX kernel segmentation fault

Postby Thunderblade » Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:56 am

Maybe you are accessing RAM that is not present? Check the portion of the startup code where you tell the OS how much RAM is present.
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