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customized IPL for ARM - boot problems

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customized IPL for ARM - boot problems

Postby Atmeg » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:01 pm

I'm using AT91SAM9263-EK evaluation board and QNX 6.4.0 BSP.
When I use an IPL from BSP, everything works properly, but I need to program my own.

When I try to boot QNX with my ipl I have something like this: sometimes the system boots without any problem, but sometimes one or two processes receives SIGSEGV or SIGBUS. Or sometimes the systems seems to boot normally, but I see strange grey line in Photon window...

My IPL is basically the same as the IPL from the BSP. I'm doing this: disable WDT, init PMC, remap, init DBGU, SDRAM and SPI, then copy image to SDRAM, patch startup header, etc.. and jump to startup. And I've verified that SDRAM initialization procedure and Core Clock is correct..

Could somebody give me any ideas? I also read "Customizing IPLs" help section, but not found anything I do wrong in my ipl...
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