Arvoo releases Picasso frame grabber support for QNX6

Arvoo Engineering has just finished their first release of the SDK for the Picasso framgrabber line for QNX Neutrino. This is the first official frame grabber SDK for QNX.

The Picasso SDK consists of

- Picasso shared library

- Picasc: console sample program with sources

- Picaspt: Photon sample program with sources (PhAB)

- documentation

Eclipse CDT Plan Posted

Eclipse website has been updated with the plans for the core and debugger for C/C++ Development Tools (CDT Project).

The focus on the CDT Core is cleaning up the QNX contributed code, doing all of the 2.0 catchup items, as well as adding features to support the modularity and overridability of the CDT components.

On the CDT Debugger side, QNX w/gdb 5.2.1 will be supported.

You can view the plan at eclipse website.

Price for QNX6 and components

A question that is frequently asked is how much QNX6 costs.

People want to know the details like

* how much does qnx cost for embedded development.

* how much does the development platform cost?

* how much is a runtime license for, say, 1000 units?

Usually the answer you get is "Contact your local sales office or distributor..."

Recently, some detailed price has been posted.

More Security Holes Found in QNX6

Dmitry Alexeyev (a.k.a dmi) recently disclosed two new security bugs in QNX 6.2 (latest public QNX release). dmi is the admin of the Russian QNX Portal and QNXClub forums. He has made great contributions to the QNX community.

Beta driver for M-Systems DiskOnChip is available

M-Systems has announced availability of the beta version 5.1.2 of DiskOnChip driver for QNX-6.2. If you are interested in obtaining this beta version, please contact Iris Brezner



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