ITTIA DB SQL Extends Embedded Development Elegance to Nucleus

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ITTIA, a leader in modern embedded and mobile database software, has announced the availability of ITTIA DB SQL for Nucleus. ITTIA DB SQL is an embedded database for embedded application developers. Mentor Graphics Nucleus is a real-time operating system known for its performance, reliability, and scalability with a small footprint. Combining these technologies provides a total solution for embedded and mobile developers and answers the need for tightly integrated, easy-to-use tools to make development faster, easier, more flexible and more productive.

Multicore -- Nucleus provides the functions required for applications to be safe and efficient on single-core and multi-core systems. ITTIA DB SQL takes advantage of this to allow multiple application tasks to concurrently access a single database on separate processor cores.

Standards -- Database is a core component of all data-driven applications and ITTIA’s mission is to provide a full-featured, standards-based relational database for Nucleus application developers. ITTIA DB SQL is a relational database that offers the flexibility for applications built on Nucleus to carry out complex queries. One of the major benefits is its ability to expand as the application’s data grows. In addition, when security is a top priority, developers can lock down database access with various privacy options.

High Availability -- ITTIA DB SQL can also share and distribute data through the Nucleus networking components, giving applications built-in high availability and synchronization capability. When mission-critical data becomes inaccessible, the entire system can be threatened. Support for high availability in ITTIA DB SQL maximizes the protection and availability of data for Nucleus developers by leveraging features such as distributed transactions, table snapshots, synchronous commit, replication on commit, single-master replication, multiple master replication and online backup. ITTIA DB SQL offers these High Availability solutions for Nucleus developers so that mission-critical data is reliably accessible.

Data Safety -- Database transactions protect the database from unexpected power loss and other failures that might corrupt the storage. When combined with combined with the SAFE file system, high-throughput logging ensures that the database is always opened in a consistent state. Regardless of how much data is stored on disk, the application can query the database with little memory overhead.

Row Level Locking -- To prevent race conditions, concurrent database transactions are protected by row-level locking. In this way, real-time tasks can safely share access to a database file, both reading and writing, with little interference. If a high priority task is blocked by a transaction in a less important task, it can force a roll back to prevent priority inversion.

Security -- ITTIA DB SQL offers several security measures to prevent tampering and protect confidential data from unauthorized access. Applications can encrypt the database file with an AES-128 or AES-256 key and require a database password for remote access and replication. Remote connections can also be secured with SSL/TLS.

Reliable Technical Support -- ITTIA provides access to high quality, professional technical support. When dealing with a community-supported product, you may never get a satisfactory answer to your questions. At ITTIA, we are committed to our customers and work hard to ensure that we deliver on your expectations.

"Mentor is pleased to collaborate with ITTIA to deliver a total solution for manufacturers of embedded systems and mobile devices, with rich database features and powerful performance on a solid operating system foundation," said Andrew Caples, Director of Nucleus Product Marketing.

"ITTIA DB SQL and Nucleus help customers to address mission critical embedded and mobile data management issues when performance, high availability, and data security are required on a reliable platform. We are excited to partner with Mentor Graphics and ready to assist customers," said Sasan Montaseri, President of ITTIA.

In addition to High Availability, ITTIA DB SQL provides a great performance, low-level access to the engine, concurrency, replication, ANSI standards, data typing and type safety, and a true In-Memory storage engine.

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