Quad SMP, who uses what

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Pat Ford

Re: Quad SMP, who uses what

Post by Pat Ford » Fri Nov 03, 2000 6:47 pm

come by my cube and see it its freaken huge ( and heavy)

Previously, Colin Burgess wrote in qdn.public.news:
{ Pat Ford <pford@qnx.com> wrote:
{ > We just got 2 supermicro super S2QE6 quad mother boards, man are these ever huge!
{ > the main board is 13"x18" and the memory board is around the same size as the old fullsized isa cards. the url is http://www.supermicro.com/PRODUCT/Mothe ... /S2QE6.htm
{ I'll need one of them if I'm ever going to port StarOffice! ;v)

speak to Eric 8*)

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Michael Tomlinson

Re: Quad SMP, who uses what

Post by Michael Tomlinson » Thu Jul 03, 2003 12:14 am

They'd have to make system 64bit to do it and I doubt that's in their
immediate plans.
OTOH, I'm interested to see if they will make the onboard SCSI work >:-

- igor
Actually that's not exactly true. Intel added 'Advanced Windowing
Extensions' to their chips some time ago; with OS support and application
support, it's possible to address up to 64GB of paged memory. See, for

That said it's a dodgy hack, and I'd much rather QNX focussed on a 64-bit
port!! The question is, IA-64 or Opteron?? :-)

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