boot from harddisk ..problem

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raghu changalva

boot from harddisk ..problem

Post by raghu changalva » Sat Dec 18, 2004 2:12 am

I have 120 GB harddisk, I'm trying to load QNX4.25. I
could load QNX, but not able to boot from harddisk, I
could only boot from floppy.

If I try to boot from harddisk it says "press esc..fro
alternate OS.."
and does nothing. Could any one explain me step by
step procedure to make it boot from harddsk.

Also I gotto create ramdisk, and If I say

Fsys -r 4096 to create 4096kb of ram, it gives error
Fsys couldn't attach: resource busy"

I need help in creating ramdisk too...

I'm willing to pay 30$, if any one helps me out in
making the stuff work.

Guys who know stuff, please take sometime and help me

Raghu Changalvala (MS)

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