mux1 and mux2 types in documentation !

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Mike Gorchak

mux1 and mux2 types in documentation !

Post by Mike Gorchak » Fri Sep 06, 2002 12:01 pm

Hello, All!

In chapter "Handling analog audio data" the mux2 description is "mux2 is a
simplified type-1 multiplexer in that it handles only mono channels".

But in the API reference for ado_mixer_element_mux2 function: "A multiplexer
of type 2 selects zero or more inputs to be routed to it output. Each input
has its own selector which is independed". And no one word about "mono"
channels ... behavior of mux2 is much difference from mux1 ...

So which documentation is right ? ;-)

And how to handle mono and stero channels in one mux ? for example Mic
(mono) and Line (stereo) inputs or I need emulate stereo for Mic ? If API
reference documenation is right, when I replace mux1 type to mux2 I got
error in capture group creation ... is mux2 type supported for capture ? Or
is it routing between elements problem ?

Thanks !

With best regards, Mike Gorchak.

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