QNX Hires Cisco Executive Charles Eagan as VP of R&D

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OTTAWA, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- QNX Software Systems Co. today announced the appointment of former Cisco executive, Charles Eagan, as vice president of research and development. Eagan joins QNX after his tenure at Cisco Systems, where he led the software development of the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System and other key projects in the Carrier Core Multi Service Business Unit. Eagan, a 20-year veteran of the software and hardware industry, will be responsible for all QNX research and development activities, including software development and quality assurance. Eagan's extensive engineering experience and proven leadership at Cisco will make him a major driver of QNX's ongoing commitment and success in the networking market."Charles developed deep QNX development expertise with his cutting-edge work at Cisco. His front-line experience, combined with top-notch networking credentials and industry know-how, comes at an ideal time, given QNX's growing share of the netcom market," said Dan Dodge, CEO, QNX Software Systems. "Charles' success at spearheading large projects and engineering teams will strengthen QNX's outstanding research and development organization, and will enhance the culture of reliability, innovation, and customer responsiveness that has made QNX the global leader in realtime, mission-critical OS technology."

Before joining QNX, Eagan served as senior director at Cisco Systems. In addition to building and managing the software group for the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System, Eagan also managed the software teams for Cisco IOS Software and other projects in the Carrier Core Multi Service Business Unit.

Prior to Cisco, Eagan was a member of the scientific team at Bell Northern Research (Nortel), where he wrote compilers for automatically generating finite state machine code and was responsible for the on-switch subsystems for managing finite state machines. He also held positions at Honda of Canada and at Automation Tooling Systems, where he coordinated and programmed industrial control and automation equipment. Eagan's experience in these industries will be invaluable for addressing the needs of QNX's large and established base of automotive, networking, and industrial automation customers.

"I have seen first hand the power of QNX's operating system and
development tools in action and recognize the increasing market opportunity for such advanced technology," said Eagan. "QNX has an unparalleled reputation for software reliability and its commitment to creating operating systems is second to none. This is an incredible opportunity to guide the technical evolution of a product that is expanding rapidly in the networking, automotive, and general embedded industries."

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