New CyFlex Software Being Rolled Out

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CyFlex Test System is a world-class, highly flexible test system currently in use at major engineering facilities in the U.S. and around the world. CyberMetrix sells the CyFlex Software, and provides engineering support, application development and training. Demonstrations are available and visits to engineering facilities, that are using the system are possible.

CyFlex is the product of a very comprehensive design effort and many man-years of software development and testing. CyFlex has been designed to be a high performance, flexible test system to meet the wide variety of business needs of global manufacturers, but scalable to meet small individual test and measurement applications. Larger organizations have found that by standardizing on the use of an integrated multifunction system with distributed capabilities benefits accrue due to: economies related to scale; the ongoing development and retention of knowledge; promotion of best practices; and the ability to rapidly and flexibly respond to changing requirements on a global basis. A strategically developed system can address needs that vary across products and environments, including the ability to support research, development, and production as well as varying laws, regulations and practices in different countries. The detailed design document can be found here.