QNX on VMware

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QNX on VMware project just released some tools containing executables (QNX4 and QNX6) and source for two programs. The first, called vmtool, is a command line utility which allows you to query VMware for all the known api. This api, by the way, was discovered and documented here: http://chitchat.at.infoseek.co.jp/vmware/index.html
The second app runs in the background, as root, will syncronize your clock, as well as copy clipboards back and forth between the host and Photon. Unfortunately it has to work by polling, so it is on a slow poll cycle (3 seconds), so if you are really quick, you can try to paste before the application has noticed. You are certainly welcome to speed up the poll, at the tradeoff of taking up more cpu cycles.

Any feedback and/or improvements suggestions can be posted here in the forums or at the project web site. Thanks rick for the great work!

qnx.wox.org got a new name

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The DNS name of Chris McKillop's (a.k.a. cdm) personal site has recently changed from qnx.wox.org to home.killerstuff.net. This is part of his effort to migrate everything to the killerstuff domain. The primary site killerstuff.net is on a hosted server and the home for cdm's killer applications for QNX/Photon and other bits and bobs. Current lineup includes killerIRC, killerWeb, killerAudio and killerNotes. home.killerstuff.net (previously known as qnx.wox.org), on the other hand, is cdm's personal machines on his home cable internet connection. You will be able to find most of cdm's QNX packages on home.killerstuff.net. Enjoy!

gnat compiler 3.4.1 available for qnx 6.3

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Gnat 3.4.1 has been ported and the binary package for QNX 6.3 is now available for download at http://republika.pl/ajam/programy/gnat-3.4.1-x86-public-qnx6.3.tar.bz2 Please verify the checksum before installing.
cksum 79536137 14326144
Any questions about the port and/or package, please contact bceler@op.pl or bogdan@xserwis.com.pl It is a free ada 95 compiler and is built as one of programing languages in gcc project. This is the latest stable gcc version 3.4.1. Compiler has been tested using the acats testsuites.

For those who are interested:

QNX Symmetric Multiprocessing Technology Development Kit Available

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QNX just announced the SMP kit. The Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) Technology Development Kit allows you to achieve greater scalability, system density and performance in compute-intensive systems, such as network elements, encryption/decryption, transportation, high-end medical imaging, and storage.

The SMP Technology Development Kit provides access to unique QNX technology, with an extensive set of binary components to develop and deploy SMP systems. Packaged with header files, libraries and documentation, the kit lets you take advantage of SMP on popular dual-core processors such as MIPs, PowerPC, and x86.

Condor Engineering's BusTools/1553-API Now Supports QNX Neutrino RTOS

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Santa Barbara, CA, June 28, 2004 - Condor Engineering, a leading provider of military and commercial avionics databus solutions, today announced that its military application programming interface (BusTools/1553-API) is now available with QNX® Neutrino® RTOS support.

DATAC Unveils RealFlex 6 SCADA and Process Control Software

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Houston, Texas & Dublin, Ireland, June 24, 2004 - DATAC Technologies, a leading supplier of secure SCADA and process automation software, today announced the release of the next-generation automation software, DATAC RealFlex 6. RealFlex 6 uniquely combines the true real-time multi-tasking QNX® Neutrino® operating system with a Microsoft Windows-based HMI, providing the best of both worlds to utility managers. In the current climate of increasing cyber terror, utilities are seeking new ways to improve the security of their control systems infrastructure.

QNX Bolsters Leadership in Java Solutions for Embedded and Realtime Developers

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OTTAWA, June 21, 2004 - Furthering its position as a recognized leader in embedded and realtime Java support, QNX Software Systems today announced a strengthened relationship with IBM as an authorized global reseller of selected IBM Websphere® embedded technologies.

Remembering Dan Hildebrand

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It is hard to believe, but tomorrow it will have been 6 years since we lost Dan to cancer. It is also fairly hard to believe, but a large portion of the QNX community probably doesn't know who Dan was. Dan is probably best remembered as the creator of the QNX 1.44 Web Challenge which allowed people to surf the web on his GUI/Browser/OS on a floppy.